On-Premises and the Cloud: A Comparison of Two Unique Environments

What's the difference between on-premises and the cloud? Find out in this detailed comparison infographic.

On-premises. The cloud. Hybrid environments.

As technology evolves and business needs grow, organizations are rapidly trying to make sense of their options. What are the benefits of running their software and data on-premises? What concerns should IT and security teams be aware of when implementing their processes in the cloud? Can they do a bit of both and go hybrid?

There is no right or wrong decision when determining how your organization should approach these environments. Both on-premises and the cloud have advantages, disadvantages, costs, and concerns.

If you’re in the process of determining which strategy is best for you, use the infographic below to follow on-premises and cloud in their day-to-day responsibilities. At the end, you’ll discover a list of solutions that work in both environments to support your goals and budget.

Download the Infographic

cloud and on-premises infographic

Technology has transformed the way businesses do many things, from securing critical information to automating processes and managing documents and policies. Implementing the right solutions in your organization can help you oversee these operations in a way that fits your goals and budget.

For file transfers: Safeguard your data in transit and at rest with a secure file transfer solution like GoAnywhere MFT.

For policy management: Simplify security policy creation, security administration, and compliance reporting with a solution like Powertech Security Auditor.

For high availability and disaster recovery: Maintain your business continuity and maximize uptime with Robot HA.

For document management: Manage all documents and data with a complete electronic document management system solution like Webdocs.


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