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Posted on 7/20/17

A digital workforce can improve productivity, increase accuracy, and let your human workforce focus on more strategic projects. Find out how to grow your workforce of software robots.

Posted on 7/19/17 by Kevin Jackson

Network mapping software auto-discovers devices & maps them on a live diagram, giving IT administrators a real-time look at the health of your network.

Is AS/400 dead?
Posted on 7/18/17 by Tom Huntington

Many IT professionals still use the term AS/400. But can a platform that was introduced in 1988 still be relevant today? The answers typically surprise people.

Posted on 7/13/17

Watch the webinar or read the blog post to learn how HelpSystems can help you automate HR processes.

Posted on 7/10/17

Meet Automate Complete—a suite of products that covers the entire automation spectrum.

Posted on 7/5/17

Security risks are everywhere, even on IBM i. Find out how to keep your information safe and share it with those who need it.

Posted on 6/28/17

Watch the new demo video to learn how Automate Enterprise scales alongside your growing business.

Posted on 6/27/17 by Mike Stegeman

Find out the pros and cons of using Excel to analyze your organization’s data.

Posted on 6/22/17 by Richard Schoen

Choose your path to automating HR—and focus on what matters most.

Posted on 6/21/17

Excel files and other spreadsheets are probably being used across every department in your organization. That’s a lot of manual work—entering data into multiple reports, copying and pasting numbers into a spreadsheet, or reformatting and manipulating Excel data. Learn how you can easily automate Excel spreadsheets using Automate.

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