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Orchestration on the Private Cloud

When most people talk about “the cloud,” they’re referring to the public cloud.

But what about the private cloud?

According to RightScale, the private cloud is getting more popular. Usage of the private cloud increased 14 percent in the past year alone.

Here’s why. The private cloud offers more control and stronger security than services offered by public cloud vendors. So the private cloud is adopted by companies looking for increased flexibility, efficiency, and security.

But if you think you’ll see the same degree of cost savings after switching from public to private servers, you’re in for a rude awakening. Your IT department will need to understand the steps involved in optimizing private cloud infrastructure first.

And that calls for private cloud orchestration.

What Is Private Cloud Orchestration?

Private cloud orchestration is arranging and coordinating automated tasks in the private cloud. This typically results in a consolidated process (or workflow).

But private cloud orchestration is the not same as private cloud automation. Private cloud orchestration does use cloud automation.

Cloud automation is the creation of individual process without human intervention. Private cloud orchestration arranges and coordinates these processes.

Private cloud orchestration can lower IT costs, free up engineering time, improve delivery times, and reduce friction between system and development teams.

So, at its core, private cloud orchestration is about automating your entire cloud infrastructure—public, private, and hybrid.

Why Private Cloud Orchestration Matters

Private cloud orchestration is important for several reasons:

  • Customer happiness
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Workload optimization

Most importantly, private cloud orchestration makes sure you get the right resources to your customers. Period.

Beyond that, a well-crafted orchestration reduces the need for human intervention. That saves money your organization would typically allocate to IT man hours.

The ability to spin up resources on the fly leads many companies to overprovisioning. But private cloud orchestration helps you provision the right amount of resources and optimize workloads across your infrastructure.

Managing the Private Cloud

Managing the private cloud doesn’t stop with orchestration. You need the right tools to monitor, analyze, and adjust IT resources across the private cloud and beyond.


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