A New Hope for Business Intelligence [Webinar Recap]

In our recent webinar A New Hope for Business Intelligence, Mike Stegeman and John Grancarich presented HelpSystem’s vision for Insite and introduced Insite Analytics. If you missed it, you can watch on-demand.

A New Hope

Between IT departments and business users, there’s an age-old conflict: IT wants to safeguard data and keeps tight reins on who can see and use it… for good reasons. And business users want access to data that will help them make smart decisions… also for good reasons. When business users don’t get the access they need, they often have to resort to inaccurate or insecure methods of procuring the data they need. So IT needs a way to provide this access without spending all their time pulling data for business users, while keeping access limited to those authorized, and in a way that provides users with actionable data.

Enter: HelpSystems Insite

HelpSystems is always trying to look around the corner to see what people are going to need in their IT environments and how we can help. We’ve heard people asking for a more centralized way to manage IT tools, which is where HelpSystems Insite comes in.

Insite is HelpSystems’s solution for reporting and IT management. Insite integrates your entire HelpSystems product experience into one digital hub so you can get more done with less effort. All your licenses, product updates, applications, key metrics, and more can be managed from this one place.

Along with single-pane-of-glass access to integrated HelpSystems products, with Insite Analytics you can analyze all your data in once place, whether from a HelpSystems product or any other data source.

Insite Analytics makes the difference

Insite Analytics brings business intelligence tools to that data. Whether you need to analyze the data you already have within Insite or to query any data source, you can do it with Insite Analytics. No iSeries server? No problem. Insite Analytics runs on Windows and Linux.

So you can access any data. That might sound like a lot of work. A lot of data to wrangle. And it would be, if the interface wasn’t so simple to use. If business users aren’t familiar with their data, IT can build a query for the user in a fraction of the time it took before.

And power users can access data tables and can even build their own queries if they are familiar enough with their data. Visualized reporting makes this easy for power users to accomplish.

Join together data sources, choose which data types you’d like to see in your report, sort and group the data, then add a widget to your dashboard.

Visualize all your data in one place

When users add queries to their dashboards, they can see the data in whatever format makes the most sense. See data from Insite Analytics or from your other supported HelpSystems products. You can set up an autorefresh for your data or just refresh manually. You can even share your dashboards with other users to make sure you’re all working from the same data and have the same visibility.

Insite brings IT together. And Insite Analytics gives you the power to get actionable information and data access. This is a powerful force for both the IT empire and the Padawan business users.

May the Force Be with You

Ready to see this force for IT in action?