Network Monitoring for the Mobile World

Being able to easily monitor, maintain, and manage your network is critical to ensuring your business runs properly. Quality IT management depends upon having complete access to all facets of the network. Network administrators need something that connects them to the network easily and efficiently while providing real-time insight into its behavior.

In the past, when you thought about monitoring and maintaining an infrastructure, it was assumed that you had to be physically located where your network was. However, with the recent improvements in tablets and mobile device platforms, as well as the explosion of mobile applications, it’s easy to accomplish many tasks on the go that previously required an on-site presence. Close to 46% of working Americans own some sort of mobile device, which makes working remotely using mobile technology more commonplace than ever. In the last few years, mobile network monitoring has become both a reality and a necessity.

How to Secure Your Mobile Network

1) Encrypted Authentication

Always make sure that your connection requires encrypted authentication. If you are using a web interface, it should be a secured https connection.

2) Firewall Protection

Having an application or system firewall-enabled that prevents other users from accessing your device is critical to the security of your network.

3) Standardized Remote Access

It’s crucial to be consistent with how users are logging into the network so that possible breaches or network intrusions can be avoided.

4) Security Patches

Always make sure that devices being used for work purposes are being updated with the latest definitions and updates. It can be easy to neglect security patches, but they’re essential for protecting your information.

The Value of Mobile Network Monitoring

IT firms that provide monitoring or support service will also see improvements in Service Level Agreements (SLAs) because someone is always alerted to pressing issues and therefore able to remedy them more quickly. Using Intermapper to monitor your network is the difference between receiving alerts on problems before users encounter them and waiting to receive a complaint to react to them; it’s the difference between proactive and reactive network monitoring. A proactive approach to network monitoring results in improved vendor and customer relations and an increase in uptime; a reactive approach to network monitoring results in poor customer relations and unplanned downtime, which decreases productivity and efficiency across the board.

Of course, network managers are very protective of their infrastructure—as they should be—while still wanting access to their core devices on their tablet and mobile devices. Before elevating your network management by using mobile technology, it’s imperative to understand the associated risk from remote access in order to take the proper precautions. While the ease of mobile network monitoring is invaluable, it’s also critical to protect your data outside of the office. We’ve all been guilty of hopping on an unsecured Wi-Fi connection. Now, more than ever, it’s important to maintain a secure connection to your internal network to avoid intrusion no matter where you are. When you connect to your network from the outside—whether via laptop, tablet, or mobile phone—there are a few things to take into consideration to ensure the connection is secure.

Viewing Your Network From Your Mobile Device

Large companies may be able to staff a 24/7 network operation center, but what about smaller environments with only a handful of IT staff? It’s nearly impossible to sit in front of a computer screen all day to monitor your network while still carrying out day-to-day operations. This outdated process can cost you valuable time and money: time that you could spend on more strategic, proactive tasks, and money that’s wasted on hiring more employees to monitor your network. Instead of losing those critical hours and hiring additional on-premises staff, mobile network monitoring allows your existing staff to work on an on-call schedule thanks to mobile access.

So just what, exactly, can you expect to view on your mobile device with regards to your network? With a high-quality network monitoring system with mobile capabilities, you should be able to view real-time monitoring data, bandwidth utilization, roaming profiles, up/down status, and summaries of all devices. You should be able to see a visual representation of the state of your devices, as well as receive alerts if there are any issues. When you receive those alerts, they should only utilize exception reporting, meaning you only receive notifications when something goes wrong, not when things are running smoothly.

Intermapper is a network monitoring software that carries out all of these functions and more, all while allowing you to monitor your network from anywhere at any time. Intermapper has a secure web interface that provides you with a 24/7, real-time view of your network. You can easily check in on the status of your devices, chart data, and receive instant notifications if a threshold has been breached or a device is down—without having to be on-site to monitor your network in front of a screen all day.

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At the end of the day, a network monitoring system like Intermapper allows you to spend less time staring at a screen and more time proactively and strategically improving the health of your network. What’s more, the ability to manage your network remotely will give you peace of mind that no matter where you are, you are alerted to any possible breaches or bottlenecks before they become major problems.

As mobile technology continues to improve, so will the effects of managing network infrastructure on the go. Don’t get left behind. Take the health of your network into your own hands by implementing a network monitoring software with mobile monitoring capabilities.


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