Monitor More High-Speed Devices with Intermapper 6.2

Monitor More High-Speed Devices with Intermapper 6.2

Intermapper Network Monitoring

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High-speed devices are the norm in today’s organizations, and network professionals need visibility into all of them. The newest Intermapper software release makes it easier than ever to capture performance data for all your high-speed equipment. Take a look at the new features.  

What’s new in Intermapper 6.2?

64-bit data structure update

One of our development team’s top priorities is getting feedback from our customer base on product enhancements they want and need. When our user community asked us for a chart data update, we got to work.

Now with Intermapper 6.2, chart data and time values can now go beyond 32-bits. This upgrade helps you monitor and report on network traffic for higher performance devices, specifically high-speed equipment, for better mapping and monitoring.

This significant backend update also makes the data Intermapper collects more compact, so space required to store data is much smaller. Finally, you can purge data that’s no longer needed, a feature Intermapper users have asked for and we’re excited to deliver.  

New Cisco probes

When we asked our customers which new Intermapper probes they wanted to see in the product, the top two were a Cisco ASA Firewall probe and a Cisco Wireless LAN Controller probe.

Those two probes are now built in to Intermapper, so you can monitor these common Cisco devices and get detailed information about their performance. Simply select the probe within the software and apply it to your device. 

Customers: Upgrade to 6.2

HelpSystems customers can download Intermapper 6.2 by visiting the HelpSystems Community Portal, logging in to your user account, and selecting "My Product Downloads" under the "Downloads" dropdown. Contact us with any questions at [email protected]

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