Get Network Monitoring from Anywhere with Intermapper 6.3

Intermapper Network Monitoring Solution Insite Dashboard

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The faster you can spot a potential issue on your network, the faster you can troubleshoot and avoid downtime. With a more complete view of your network infrastructure, you and your IT team can better reduce frustration, save time, and keep customers and users happy. The newest Intermapper software release is here to help you get a more complete look at your network and bring you the ability to monitor on the go.

What’s new in Intermapper 6.3?

Intermapper 6.3 now leverages the power of HelpSystems Insite—our browser-based software management tool—bringing you a holistic view of your network from anywhere.

Dashboard View

See a more holistic view of your network with dashboards that let you see your Intermapper server and device matrix all in one spot. Create and view personalized dashboards with helpful information about your Intermapper server, such as disk storage, memory usage, server and device statistics, and more.

Mobile-Friendly Interface

You don’t need to lose sight of your network happenings just because you’re away from your desktop. Insite for Intermapper brings you a responsive mobile-friendly interface, giving you a full view of your Intermapper server and device matrix from anywhere. No matter your preferred device—desktop, tablet, or smartphone—you’re never far from what’s going on with your network infrastructure.

Customers: Upgrade to 6.3

Take advantage of this new functionality by first downloading Intermapper 6.3, and then downloading Insite. To download the latest version of Intermapper and Insite, visit the HelpSystems Community Portal, log in to your user account, and select “My Product Downloads” under the “Downloads” dropdown. Then check the “Intermapper” and “Insite” product brand selection boxes to download both Intermapper 6.3 and Insite. Contact us with any questions at [email protected].

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