Make 2019 the Year of Capacity Planning in IT

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You know IT capacity planning is important. But have you been doing it?

Capacity planning hasn’t always been accessible to every organization. It typically required someone to be the capacity planning expert and drive the process.

And becoming a capacity planning expert wasn’t easy. You had to know how to gather data, make capacity predictions, and evaluate potential risk. That typically required a background in advanced math. Not every IT department has someone with that level of expertise.

That’s evident in recent research into physical and virtual server utilization. 25 percent of physical servers are comatose—and so are 30 percent of virtual servers. This could be for a good reason, like seasonality. But it could be for a bad reason, like overprovisioning.

Luckily, capacity planning is going to be different in 2019. So, it’s time to make 2019 the year of capacity planning at your organization.

And you can do it in three easy steps. 

1. Learn How to Do Capacity Planning

If you’re new to capacity planning, it’s hard to know where to start. There are plenty of methods available to you. But it’s hard to know which method will be right for your business.

So, if you’re new to the realm of capacity planning, your first step is to download How to Do Capacity Planning. Get the guide >

2. Make Your Capacity Plan

Once you know how to do capacity planning, you can start making your capacity plan.

Here are some best practices for making your capacity plan:

  • Aim to cover the next three to six months
  • Add in your projections for increased demand
  • Identify any problems you might encounter
  • Run your capacity predictions by the C-suite

Get some more best practices from the experts. Read the blog >

3. Enlist Capacity Planning Resources

It’s easy to get stuck when making a capacity plan. There are a lot of factors in play, and you don’t always have the resources to make a plan with certainty.

If you need help making a capacity plan, it might be time to enlist some resources to help.

Learn how to choose a capacity planning tool. Read the article >

Vityl Capacity Management Makes Capacity Planning Easy

Here at HelpSystems, we’ve launched Vityl Capacity Management to make capacity planning easier.

The software is built on the sophisticated algorithms of queuing theory, which give you the most accurate capacity predictions possible. But it’s easy to use on the outside, so anyone can create accurate capacity plans with ease.

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