[IT Jungle] Integrated ERP and Document Management from VAI and HelpSystems

Have you heard? HelpSystems is partnering with VAI to add document management capabilities to VAI’s ERP—S2K Enterprise.

Why? Integrating an ERP with document management should be a no-brainer for today’s businesses. It saves time by streamlining business processes—you don’t need to leave your ERP to see documents. It adds workflow efficiencies that help you do your job faster—and thus get a significant ROI. Plus, adding document management to your ERP adds organization, search functionality, and security to your documents.

Today, HelpSystems and VAI are making it easy to get your ERP and document management all in one. Dan Burger at IT Jungle recently reported on the VAI and HelpSystems partnership. VAI customers have been clamoring for document management and workflow capabilities, and HelpSystems filled that role. Get the full story on IT Jungle >

“The payables integration is first, and we are prioritizing the next phases, such as accounts receivable, order processing, and vendor and inventory transactional documents. It will all eventually be available through a web interface for our vendors and customers and will take months to finish the initial integration. We are slated to complete the total integration in 2017.”—Kevin Beasley, CIO, VAI

“When you are in the paper world, you are literally in that black file cabinet with one person able to access a document at a time. Electronic document management provides secure access to whoever needs to access a document and you know when it takes place because it’s time stamped.”—Howard Latham, General Manager, HelpSystems

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