IT Cost Optimization

Don’t just cut costs: Optimize IT efficiency and drive business value

All businesses are on a constant search for new ways to minimize costs and improve the bottom line, but too often, IT departments find their budget first on the chopping block. Reliable IT operations is key to driving revenue, but it only accounts for an average of 4% of operating costs. Rather than making cuts to a core business driver, enterprises need to carefully optimize IT operations in order to minimize costs and risk while maximizing business value.

IT Cost Optimization

No business today can thrive without a solid technology base to support it — that means IT cost optimization should really be about business optimization. Simply making cuts to IT could unintentionally hinder your company’s operations, as well as your customers’ experience. Instead, you want to promote IT efficiency

Minimize IT Risk

Minimize Risk

  • Dodge costly outages and bottlenecks
  • Delight customers rather than disrupt their routines
  • Avoid costly capital investments in unproven lines of business
Minimize IT Cost

Minimize Costs

  • Consolidate services
  • Reduce redundancies and over-provisioning
  • Use cloud to your advantage and avoid costly up-front capital expenditures
Maximize Business Value with IT Efficiency

Maximize Business Value

  • Develop the capacity to create transformative new services while maintaining old ones
  • Reduce time to market
  • Enable greater productivity and improve processes
  • Harness the cloud for agility and flexibility

If you are having trouble measuring the business value of IT investments, consider a business value dashboard (BVD). BVDs translate performance analytics into an easy-to-understand language of cost and profit, providing on-demand, at-a-glance views of how IT investments contribute to overall business success.

IT dashboards connect IT operations metrics with business data, transforming the conversation from IT as a cost center to IT as a business driver. Measure progress towards achieving your optimization goals in a way that is easy not just for IT, but for business leadership to understand.

Gain insights such as:

  • See the direct impact IT performance, availability, and avoided capacity shortfalls have on company revenue
  • Highlight how much revenue is being realized due to a reduction in performance incidents and outages
  • Assess the impact of resolving predicted future capacity shortfalls, helping justify additional investments in physical, virtual, or cloud capacity


Drive Value with IT Cost Optimization

You can go far beyond avoiding harmful and unnecessary budget cuts by boosting the importance of IT’s role in your company. Learn more in the How to Do IT Cost Optimization guide.