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Introducing BRMS Dashboards in Insite Analytics (Webinar Recap)

In our recent webinar Introducing BRMS Dashboards in Insite Analytics, Mike Stegeman and Stacy Jensen revealed a new dashboard that consolidates information from your Backup, Recovery, and Media Services (BRMS) environments into one view. If you missed it, you can watch on-demand below. 

Managing Backup, Recovery, and Media Services (BRMS) Today 

Thousands of organizations use BRMS to perform backup and recovery operations. BRMS helps automate and manage backups and restore accurate information if a recovery is needed. 

64 percent of webinar attendees polled have more than 10 IBM i systems requiring BRMS monitoring in their environment. Currently, each machine must be monitored individually, and there isn’t an easy way to determine the current status of all BRMS environments at one time.   

50 percent of webinar attendees polled spend more than an hour every day monitoring BRMS backups. One BRMS customer with 17 partitions estimated his team spends 40 hours per week checking logs and messages in BRMS.  

Introducing a New Way to Manage BRMS 

If you are using a desktop full of green screens (more screens equal more of your time) to monitor your BRMS environments, it’s time for a better way—BRMS Dashboards in Insite Analytics. 

With Insite Analytics you can consolidate and monitor all of your BRMS environments from a single dashboard. Pre-built dashboard templates and queries allow you to connect to your systems and instantly see the state of your back-ups, media, and the health of your network.  

To see a full overview of BRMS Dashboards in Insite Analytics, jump to 8:45 in the webinar recording.


Insite Analytics brings all of your BRMS systems together in a single place so you can identify, investigate, and solve issues faster.

Turn Data into Information with Insite Analytics

Insite Analytics provides more than just BRMS dashboards. The flexible user interface also allows you to build and configure other dashboards to meet business information needs. Pull in business data, operational data, or any other data to be displayed in Insite Analytics. 

See data from all sources in a graph, chart, or table on a single dashboard that updates in real time. Empower users to make informed business decisions based on the most current intelligence in an easily digestible, widely accessible format.

See if Insite Analytics Can Save You Time

Try it free today! See how you can dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to identify and diagnose BRMS backup process issues with Insite Analytics.