If Managers Want ROI Data, Try This.


In the world of big data, it can seem hard to find the information we actually need. That’s why, when we introduced Robot Network 11.0, we added the new Product Metrics feature.

Product Metrics gathers information on your daily processing for Robot Save, Robot Console, Robot Network, and Robot Reports on your central Robot Network host.

Product Metrics helps you with two situations. The first is performance information. How many scheduling jobs did Robot Schedule run last year? What percentage failed?

Knowing key information like this is essential for running your system well. Over the years, I have run across customer after customer forced to gather the same information through queries, server by server. No more.

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The second way Product Metrics helps you is with planning. This is where new information can be a real strategic advantage—with Product Metrics, you have a new way to help decide service level thresholds, report performance and ROI to management, and more.

And when you have more information on just how much volume you can put through your systems management products, you’re building an even stronger case for future automation.

(Case in point: One of my favorite metrics is number of user-submitted jobs vs. Robot Schedule-submitted jobs. If you have a high percentage of the first, you have more opportunity for automation—and your data center staff isn’t controlling enough batch activity. Your control would result in more efficient use of the server.)