ICYMI: Webdocs Forms Management Release

Webdocs Forms Management is here!

In our recent webinar we announced the Webdocs Forms Management software release.  *cue balloon release and marching band*

The new product helps users create documents and forms and route them to the people who approve, review, and distribute them. Webdocs Forms Management is all about simplifying processes and increasing efficiency, which is what going paperless is all about.

Webdocs Forms Management provides a comprehensive forms solution with a whole bunch of features we’re excited about, including seamless integration with Webdocs for Document Management

Just a few of the top features you’ll find in this new forms management tool are:

  • Integration with your systems, including ERP and LOBS
  • Routes forms through their approval processes without laborious print-sign-scan-email processes, even sending notifications and reminders to keep your forms moving through their workflows
  • Forms can be created right in your browser, filled out in a browser, distributed from a browser, then signed in a browser! 
  • You can control who should have access and who can edit your forms

And of course, all of this can be done on mobile devices.

All of these features and so much more are wrapped up in the beautiful, easy-to-use interface of Webdocs Forms Management. 

See Webdocs Forms Management in Action

Take the next step towards a comprehensive forms management solution. Webdocs Forms Management can help you get rid of paper forms and inefficient processes.