How Network Automation Reduced Eight-Hour Outages to Mere Minutes

How Network Automation Reduced Eight-Hour Outages to Mere Minutes

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There’s nothing worse for IT than an hours-long outage gone undetected. Network outages are bad for business. They’re a nuisance for end users. And without the right tools in place, they’re time-consuming for IT to detect, diagnose, and fix.

Most organizations have one (if not several) network monitoring tools in place. In a world where so many of our products and services are reliant on smooth technology performance, monitoring your network is crucial.  

But network monitoring is only half the solution. What if the internet goes down in the middle of the night, and nobody’s on call to receive the alert and fix it? What if you’re an internet provider in rural Texas, and this happens… a lot? 

As Peoples Telephone Cooperative found, with the right network automation tools you can reduce sudden, hours-long outages to mere minutes.

“With Automate, we were able to get [time to resolve service interruptions] down so quick that customers never called us. It works really well."

Derek Davidson
Director of IT
Peoples Telephone Cooperative

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Outages fixed automatically  

Peoples already used Intermapper to monitor their network devices, links, power systems, and other critical technology. So they set up probes to ping the wireless equipment that kept failing so they could monitor it in real time.

Then, they took it one step further with Automate for Intermapper, an automation add-on. When a sector locked up, Automate could remotely access the base station and reboot the sector—no human intervention required.

Now outages that used to span eight hours or more are fixed immediately. Employees aren’t getting called in in the middle of the night. And customers are enjoying the kind of reliable high-speed internet that Peoples Telephone has been providing for over 60 years.

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What used to require manual employee activity has become just another automatic process for Peoples Telephone.