How HelpSystems Is Making Deployment Easier

HelpSystems has been servicing our software users around the world for over three decades and we’ve witnessed the changes that impact your ability to update our software on your servers. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to make the deployment process fluid and flawless, but the big question is always when to deploy new versions of our software.

Especially in these more recent years, regulations have played a major role in our update process, since they heavily impact why, how, and when you—the user—can deploy new software versions.

Why Should I Deploy?

Our users decide to deploy new versions of their HelpSystems software for a number of reasons, not the least of which being to take advantage of new functionality. We make monthly updates detailing things have changed in our software, which is also useful as you fill out change request forms to satisfy your various IT auditors.

We also post the current versions and operating system compatibility by product line, for example Robot and Powertech. We know software users often have a wide variety of different applications and vendors to keep track of, so we try to make it simple to find out if they are using the current version.

How Should I Deploy?

I’m excited to say that HelpSystems has a new method that will make your life a lot easier on the actual deployment. Incorporated into HelpSystems Insite is our new Deployment Manager.

Insite is a browser-based user interface that aggregates information across HelpSystems software solutions. The Deployment Manager component provides access to all your installed products and identifies products that need to be updated on your servers.

Built with a responsive design, Deployment Manager allows you to use any web browser or your preferred mobile to perform installs—including staged installs and silent installs—and update HelpSystems software across the product family inventories of what is installed. 

Additionally, we no longer take the RBTSLEEPER subsystem unless we absolutely need to.

When Should I Deploy?

We recommend that you deploy new versions of HelpSystems software early and often to take advantage of the latest features, but ultimately you must do what is right for your data center.

We think Deployment Manager’s ability to silently install a new version at 4:00 a.m. on Saturday without staff present will help you stay current without making any sacrifices.

Today, Deployment Manager supports Robot and Powertech, but more and more HelpSystems products will be added for easy deployment as we move forward. Our long-term goal is to allow for self-service security codes and other features that make it easier to get started with our software.

Get Started

Imaging being able to run your Robot or Powertech updates from your cell phone. With Deployment Manager, you can! Best of all, it’s a free component of any HelpSystems software that supports HelpSystems Insite.