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How to Get Started with RPA

RPA is one of the fastest growing segments in the enterprise software space, and I want to tell you just a little bit about it. So, what is RPA? Well, at its simplest, RPA is software that automates human tasks.

Four characteristics for a good RPA project

  1. Repetitive Tasks
  2. Rule Based
  3. High Volume
  4. Prone to Human Error

You might be wondering, is this even really a big problem? If so, why should I even bother solving it? According to newly released data from SnapLogic, 90% of employees today report productivity challenges that come from these kinds of routine and repetitive tasks. All that waste really impacts companies to the tune of close to 1.8 trillion. Yes, trillion with a 't', dollars each year.

Companies are really struggling today to be competitive. There are no quiet markets anymore. Everybody needs that edge. HelpSystems has a fantastic RPA product called Automate. You can learn more here.

Does your office use Microsoft to get your work done? If so, check out this blog, The Top 9 Microsoft Application Tasks You Should be Automating.




The RPA Roadmap to Success

Download our guide to learn how to implement RPA to drive growth and efficiency.