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How Can We Make Data Delivery Easier?

Your business users are clamoring for data. They want it ASAP, and they’d like it to be in a familiar format—like Excel—or possibly even in a browser interface. But getting data to them in the formats they prefer is too often a struggle.

Data delivery can be easy.

With a modern data access tool like Sequel, you can eliminate the hassle from data delivery. You can serve up data exactly the way your users want it. Whether it’s presenting users with on-demand information, delivering easy-to-interpret dashboards, or giving users data in Microsoft Excel, Sequel is here to make it quick, easy, and painless.

1. Present Users with Information—On-Demand

Too many organizations have an efficiency problem when it comes to running queries. In many cases, these organizations are essentially running the same query over and over again, with only minor changes to the variables. This might be a date range impacting the same set of data, or it might be honing in on a particular state.

Either way, each new request prompts IT to create and run the query again—which is simply not necessary.

There’s a better way.

With Sequel, you can create a query once and turn it over to users to run on-demand.

It works like this: you create the query and add run-time prompts. The user can then open up the query and decide on a date range, a geographic location, or whichever variable you choose to incorporate.

IT runs the query once and saves time. Users can open up the query and adapt it when they need to—without needing to wait for IT. It’s a win-win.

2.  Deliver Easy-to-Interpret Dashboards

Your executives and business users want to receive data that’s easy to understand. But too many organizations lack the ability to deliver data in the most preferred formats—like dashboards.

Instead, it’s up to either the user or IT staff to take the data and manually manipulate it in charts, graphs, and gauges. This time-consuming, and it keeps users from acting on key information.

There’s a better way.

Sequel makes it easy to create dashboards that are easy for anyone to interpret. After all, dashboards aren’t just for executives any more. Business users want to visualize data and take away key information as well. (That said, executives still want dashboards to use to take the temperature of the business.)

Plus, Sequel dashboards are just as easy to build as they are to interpret. So you can present visual information to your executives and users fast. Set up auto-refresh so data updates in real-time. Customize them to the needs of the users (i.e., add a button that allows them to download the data in an instant). Even deliver the dashboards via a browser interface. And then they can carry on with the live information and make important decisions on the fly—no matter where they are.

You’ll build dashboards quickly, and executives and users will easily see where the business stands now.

3. Give Users Data in the Format They Want: Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the most popular way for businesses to display data. And your business users love it. But older data access tools make it tricky to get data into Excel. There are hoops to jump through, and it winds up taking up far too much of your time.

There’s a better way.

Sequel makes delivering data in Excel a breeze! Prep the data for the user in Sequel, then push the results out to Excel. Then, you can deliver the Excel file to users in just a few clicks. Or, you can take your query and deliver it straight to the user in Excel. It’s out of your hands into the hands of your users—even better, it’s in the format they already know and love.

You’ll save time. And your users will get exactly what they want: data results in Excel.

No matter how your users need data, Sequel makes it easy to deliver IBM i data in next-to-no-time.



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