How to Automate Email and SMS Notification

While I’ve been sitting here, trying to think of a catchy opening line, I realized that email is never going to be catchy — it is just too darn useful for that phrase. With email being an essential part of communication around the world today (it has even entered our meme-sphere), it’s no wonder that Email is one of Automate’s most popular actions.

Most of our customers use the Email Action at the end of a task for notification purposes. And for this video, we will focus on generating an email or SMS message to notify you when a task has completed successfully.  But our email action goes well beyond notifications. With the ability to get, read or send email, you can use this action for sending email campaigns, sending appointment reminders, sending reports and much more.

Remember when “you’ve got mail” was an enduring sound? Over the years and under all the junk mail, however, it seems that feeling has dwindled, much like AOL’s prominence. But Automate would like to make sure the emails you get are the important ones.


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