HelpSystems Insite: The IT Operations Dashboard That Is Revolutionizing Visibility

At HelpSystems, our job is to make yours easier. I talk to customers every day and I’m thrilled to hear that HelpSystems Insite® is doing just that by giving their IT teams a better way to deploy our software and manage IT throughout their organizations.

Customers have shared rave reviews about the fresh interface, with its modern look and feel and ease of navigation. They like that it’s browser based, so they can log in at a workstation or on a mobile device to view and manage their IT world from a central point.

And to top it off, Insite is completely free.

We like to call Insite "a single pane of glass" because it brings data from many of our products to a single page via dashboards and into a single web app. But Insite’s capabilities go far beyond informational dashboards because they allow you to perform tasks in various HelpSystems solutions from a centralized interface.

You can easily see which HelpSystems products you want to license and deploy, which you have installed, and which are ready for updates. Managers and directors can view which systems and personnel have access to a particular server and manage multi-factor authentication protocols for that server. Your help desk will also like that users can reset their own passwords, reducing the burden on their team. From job scheduling and robotic process automation to document management, Insite heightens your visibility and access to the many tasks your HelpSystems solutions carry out around the clock. 

Not only will Insite display the HelpSystems applications your organization currently uses, but its Deployment Manager lets you see which Powertech, Robot, and Sequel software you don’t have and install it. Insite is currently available for the HelpSystems products listed below, and our development team is working hard to bring other solutions into the dashboard.

  • Robot Schedule
  • Robot Network
  • Automate Enterprise
  • Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i
  • Powertech Password Self Help for IBM i
  • Webdocs for i
  • Powertech Multi-Factor Authentication

“I downloaded and installed [HelpSystems Insite]. I also installed a VPN client on my mobile device and I have successfully been able to access Robot Schedule and execute scheduled jobs from the parking lot of my local Target store. I can’t tell you how big of a deal this is for me. No more having to map out public Wi-Fi when traveling so I can respond to failed jobs (if necessary).”

Chris Bodary

Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer

BorgWarner Morse Systems

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