Get to Know SEQUEL Team Member Brandy Lulling

When you call HelpSystems with a SEQUEL question, you get a friendly voice on the other end of the line, eager to help resolve your issue. But have you ever wondered what that person is really like? Here’s your chance to find out!

Throughout 2015, we’re sharing some fun facts about the SEQUEL support team members you know and love. This month, we turn the spotlight on Technical Consultant Brandy Lulling, who celebrated her 10-year anniversary with HelpSystems last fall.

We asked Brandy a few questions and here’s what she shared:

List your seven dream Jeopardy categories:

  1. Girl Scout trivia
  2. Girl Scout trivia
  3. Girl Scout trivia
  4. Girl Scout trivia
  5. Girl Scout trivia
  6. Girl Scout trivia
  7. Girl Scout trivia

What was your first job?

I worked at an ice cream shop called Dairylicious in Park Forest, IL. I was only 14 and way too young to deal with the stress of it all. I was written up for putting ice in someone's root beer float. It was the first time I worked the drive-through window and I panicked!

If you could be a superhero, what would your superpowers be?

Flying, definitely flying!

What is your earliest computing memory?

In elementary school, my younger brother and I would ride our bikes a mile to our public library and play Oregon Trail on one of the Macs. That was the best! When I was in high school, we got a our first home computer. I remember having to use a 5-1/4 inch disk to boot DOS.

Who's your favorite fictional character?

Hermione Granger—she's intelligent, witty, and not afraid to be herself as a teenager.

What is your hidden talent?

I can play saxophone pretty well. It's been a while now, but back in high school I was first chair and earned a first place medal during the Minnesota Solo and Ensemble contest. During my senior year, I was in six different ensembles all at the same time (marching, pep, jazz, orchestra, concert, and college concert as a PSEO student). That was a lot of music to learn!

What is your favorite thing to do out of the office?

Spend time with family and be a Girl Scout leader. I'm in my tenth year now!

What's the best part of working at HelpSystems?

If I have to choose just one thing, I would say the best part about HelpSystems is the awesome people! Coming to work is more like coming to hang out with friends. This is a company to be proud of.