Gartner Features HelpSystems Solutions in Market Guide for Privileged Access Management

IBM i access management software provides granular control over user privileges

In early August, Gartner published its new Market Guide for Privileged Access Management and HelpSystems made the list. The guide identifies tools on the market for managing privileges user access and analyzes common approaches privileged access management (PAM) tools use to bolster cybersecurity.

Authority Broker from HelpSystems is an IBM i solution for privilege elevation and delegation management, a strategy that allows businesses to control user access at a granular level. This approach stands in contrast to the always-on user privileges employed in privileged account and session management solutions.

Privileged Access Management Software Support Cybersecurity and Compliance Efforts

According to Gartner analysts Felix Gaehtgens and Anmol Singh, cybersecurity and IT professionals look to PAM solutions to prevent data breaches and insider threats. These tools enhance data protection by controlling which users can access private information and creating accountability by auditing and monitoring privileged access.

Compliance mandates also drive adoption of PAM tools. Most major compliance mandates require organizations to monitor and restrict which users can access sensitive data, like payment card information for PCI DSS or healthcare information for HIPAA.

Considerations for Implementing PAM Solutions

The Gartner analysts note that some business deploy PAM software but fail to see the expected value because of political and cultural issues within the organization. With this in mind, they recommend involving system and network administrators in the vendor selection process early. A successful implementation is unlikely without buy-in from these team members.

Another recommendation: don’t buy too many tools at once. It might be tempting to deploy multiple types of PAM tools to cover all the bases, but this tactic often leaves businesses with an expensive collection of shelfware. The two types of PAM software described in the Gartner guide— privilege elevation and delegation management and privileged account and session management—can complement each other, but rolling out both at the same time is difficult. Start with one solution before implementing another.

How Authority Broker Fits In

Powertech Authority Broker for IBM i is identification and access management software that makes it possible to follow the principle of least privileges on the IBM i platform. It’s a privilege elevation and delegation management solution. Rather than granting users elevated privileges 24/7, Authority Broker allows users to swap into privileged profiles when they need special authorities.

You can define which users can conduct swaps, when profile swaps can occur, and what authorities each user can swap into. This approach allows for tight control over who’s accessing sensitive data and applications, without preventing users from fulfilling their job duties.

Screen captures and real-time alerts provide accountability. Even if a user enters a black hole environment like SQL during a swap, screen grabs capture every action. Email alerts inform managers of every authority swap. Powertech Authority Broker for IBM i also provides a complete audit trail of privileged user activity. You can create reports for profile swaps, the commands entered during profile swaps, screen captures, invalid access attempts, and more.

Final Thoughts

Managing privileged access is necessary to prevent fraud and abuse on your system. To see how Powertech Authority Broker for IBM i can help you address this security risk, request a live demonstration.

Learn more about how Powertech Authority Broker for IBM i makes it easy to enhance security by managing privileged access on IBM i.