Freemium, Trial, or Paid: How to Know Which Intermapper Experience Is Right For You

Intermapper offers three different experiences when it comes to trying and buying our network monitoring tools. How do you know which one is right for your situation?

For starters, this chart can help you determine whether the freemium, trial, or paid experience fits your situation.





What kind of organization?

An organization with a small network (10 devices or fewer)

An organization with a medium-sized/growing network

An organization with a growing/large network, environments with IoT (meaning possibility for a lot more devices)


When budget is tight

Considering investing in a paid version

Ready to make an investment


When your network doesn’t have plans to grow any time soon


To work alongside a network monitoring/management software.

Trying out a paid software temporarily to see if the integrations, functionality, support, and additional features fit your needs


When you’ve chosen a paid solution and need to prove value to a decision maker.

When the trial version suits your needs well OR

When you outgrow the free version and need to monitor more devices, support resources, easy integration with other tools, more stability, and additional features.



Do I Need…

Free network monitoring software?

If your network has 10 devices or fewer, a free network monitoring tool may just do the trick for you. Or if you have an existing network monitoring or management tool and just need a little more firepower. Maybe you need Intermapper’s remote network monitoring capability or to make use of probes to monitor all your device elements. Maybe your other tools don’t offer comprehensive monitoring with real-time performance alerts.

If you have a small network or just need a little extra boost, the free version of Intermapper may be right for you.

An Intermapper trial?

When your organization has outgrown a free network monitoring tool or isn’t satisfied with your current tool, you might be ready for a free 30-day trial of Intermapper. For 30 days you’ll have access to:

With a trial, you can determine if Intermapper has the features you need to monitor your growing network. Or, if you already know Intermapper fits your needs, you can use the trial to show a decision-maker the value of the solution.

The paid version of Intermapper?

When you’ve done a free trial and know your network is large and/or growing, you’re ready to invest in Intermapper. Particularly in environments with security, facilities, or other physical systems connected to the network, being able to monitor a large number of devices is essential. You’ll be able to view your entire network in a live map and be able to troubleshoot in real time. And Intermapper pulls in any IP-enabled device into your map, so you can monitor beyond just servers and switches: door locks, printers, sprinkler systems, and anything else connected to the network.

With support resources, easy integration with your existing tools, and the opportunity for additional features, Intermapper fulfills all your network monitoring and mapping needs, often at a lower cost than similar network monitoring tools.                       

If you’re ready to move on from freemium, need to see what a paid network monitoring tool could offer, or need to prove value to a decision-maker, download a free 30-day trial of Intermapper today.

Next Steps...

If you’re ready to move on to the paid version of Intermapper, request pricing to get started.