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As Education Technology Rises, Stay On Top of the Trends

Modern technology isn’t just a nice-to-have—it’s an expectation. Lightning-fast Wi-Fi is a cultural norm, and no one leaves home without their mobile device.  

Today's school districts are inviting technology into an industry that looks less traditional than it ever did. Now seventy-five percent of high school students regularly use smartphones or tablets in the classroom. Many have their own laptops—and research shows these and other EdTech initiatives can have a positive impact on student learning. Experts say that by using technology in the classroom, students take ownership over their learning experiences and are equipped them with necessary skills for the future. 

The rise of technology in education means IT’s role eliminating downtime and supporting working technology in schools is more critical than ever. Understanding education technology trends can keep you at the top of your IT game.

Check out the top EdTech trends in our new infographic “The Rise of Technology in Education.”