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Digital Transformation through Data: Insights from Informatica World

Thanks to everyone who came to see us at Informatica World 2017 this week! It was a great event and we enjoyed meeting you and talking to you about automation in your organizations.

This year the focus at Informatica World was on the transformative power of data. Keynote speakers Anil Chakravarty, CEO of Informatica, and Amit Walia, Informatica CPO, talked about how we are currently going through a period of great change across all industries. There are new business models, new processes, new influencers, and new technologies. The critical foundation for all these changes is data. Harnessing the power of that data  also comes with new challenges.

This is no surprise to us. In our HelpSystems Data Management Survey, we found that organizations are struggling to use data effectively. Fewer than half of survey respondents reported that their data sources were fully integrated with their enterprise applications, and too many data processes lacked adequate automation.

At Informatica World's opening session, CEO Anil Chakravarty took the stage to talk about the changes and challenges we’re all facing. According to him, data currently exists in siloes in almost every organization, which leaves them unprepared for the “generational market disruption in data” that’s coming. The first generation of data (1.0) took place from the time of the mainframe to the client server days. At that time, data was captive to specific applications. In the past 15-20 years we’ve moved to data 2.0, in which data is used to support enterprise-wide business processes. Now we are facing a shift to data 3.0—data that powers digital transformation.

Later, Chakravarthy sat down with John Furrier to discuss topics covered in his keynote and more, including cloud data management and the importance of breadking down data siloes. 

Informatica has always been a powerful data management tool, and at Informatica World it was announced that the company is now focusing on enterprise cloud data management, or the ability to manage data whether it is local to your own enterprise or in a cloud ecosystem. With more on cloud, here’s Anthony Easom, Principal at Deloitte Consulting. He discussed existing barriers to cloud migration, including cybersecurity, communication issues, and more. Watch the video for some suggestions on overcoming those barriers:

The migration to cloud technologies an issue we’ve had on our minds recently too—we’ve found that a lot of you are still having trouble integrating your new cloud applications with your on premise systems and proprietary data.

If you missed some of these great talks at Informatica World, search #INFA17 on YouTube.

Whether you are relying on Informatica PowerCenter, Informatica Cloud, or other business applications, we want to help you automate your enterprise data processes. While Informatica is great at what it does, its built-in job scheduler doesn’t come equipped with sophisticated features like support for cross-system dependencies. Our suite of solutions in the Automate product line provides comprehensive enterprise-class automation that easily integrates Informatica with workflows across your organization. To learn more about what we do, take a look at some of our resources:

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To learn more about the state of enterprise data and how to overcome data management challenges, download the HelpSystems Data Management Survey.