Detect Devices Your Way in Intermapper 6.1

Your network is in constant flux. New routers, printers, and workstations get added on a regular basis. External devices connect and disconnect. Without visibility into these changes, it’s impossible to maintain an up-to-date device inventory and effectively monitor the devices that are most critical to your operations.    

New features in Intermapper 6.1 make detecting new devices faster, more accurate, and easier. Add better device detection to the ability to set interface alerts (released earlier this year in Intermapper 6), and you now have greater network awareness and visibility than ever before. Keep reading for a quick summary of new features, or watch the video below. 


What’s New in Intermapper 6.1?



What’s New in Intermapper 6.1?

Device detection with Intermapper Flows

One of two new ways to detect devices is by using Intermapper Flows. With the in-depth network traffic monitoring that Intermapper Flows provides, you can capture new network devices that aren’t yet in your active maps.

While auto-discovery scans your local-area network (LAN), Intermapper Flows analyzes both internal and external traffic flowing across your network. New device detection using Intermapper Flows gives you visibility into any outbound devices that have popped up on your network, creating a more accurate picture of all Layer 3 devices on your network and helping to enhance your overall network security. 

 Any Intermapper users can enjoy this feature—no Flows license required.

Device detection with scheduled auto-discovery

Scheduled device detection is another way to quickly find new devices. Instead of manually scanning your network or adding a new device to a map, set days and times for Intermapper to scan for any network additions, and the software will perform a scan automatically.

With the ability to automate regular scans for new devices, you can make sure your network map is always up to date.

IP range scanning

Instead of scanning the whole network and bringing back every device, now you can easily limit scans to only bring back the devices you care about. During scheduled device detection, specify a certain IP address range or subnet. IP range scanning reduces scan time and gives you more control over which devices you want to see, helping you create more usable maps.

Separate DetectionMap interface

A brand-new interface shows all your newly-detected devices in one spot. After running a scan using either Intermapper Flows or scheduled device detection, every new device that Intermapper finds will show up in a separate map, called the DetectionMap. From here, operators can right-click or drag-and-drop new devices to add them to an active map for continued monitoring.

Receive immediate alerts—such as sound alerts—when new devices show up in your DetectionMap. Real-time notification provides you with constant awareness of the devices that are connecting to your network.

Easier notifier configuration

In Intermapper 6.1, you can configure performance notifiers faster with less clicks. Editing and assigning alerts to devices can be done quickly and easily either from the device or interface view, or by directing clicking on the device’s map icon itself.  

SNMPv3 support

At the request of our customers, we are happy to offer support for SNMPv3 in Intermapper 6.1. Whether your network devices speak SNMP version 1, 2, or 3, Intermapper can detect and continuously poll all of them for traffic information. 

Customers: Upgrade to 6.1

HelpSystems customers can download Intermapper 6.1 by visiting the HelpSystems Community Portal, logging in to your user account, and selecting "My Product Downloads" under the "Downloads" dropdown. Contact us with any questions at [email protected]

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