A Cutting Edge Interface for Power Systems Servers


Hey, guys. Robin here with HelpSystems. And I want to talk to you about a technology effort that we have going in HelpSystems that I'm really excited about. 

Many of us are still utilizing the green screen for our application interfaces, let's face it, that's the interface of yesterday. Many of us still love to use it, I'm certainly one of them, I've been around the box a long time and I love the green screen interface. But there's new kids on the block. There's technology challenges where people coming into the industry are just not familiar with the platform. And so we want to find a good balance between interfaces that are functional, that are familiar to people somewhat more intuitively than the traditional green screen typically is.

At HelpSystems, we have a unified interface and a user experience we call HelpSystems Insite. The benefit of this technology is that we're able to now utilize a single user interface for many of our strategic products. 

When you sign into Insite, you have the option of picking which functionality you want to work with. You have the ability to deploy products across many different platforms or many different partitions of the system. You can manage your license keys centrally, and even then, of course, use those applications themselves. 

If you have an interest in learning what modern application development looks like on the Power Systems platform, look no further than HelpSystems. Our Insite interface is leading edge and is really going to give you a step up in your argument over the fact that the power platform is still an incredible leading-edge machine and something that your organization should be investing in.

If you have any questions about Insite, if you'd like to see it at work, absolutely reach out to us, we'd be happy to show you.

Thanks again, we'll see you next time.

HelpSystems Insite transforms the way you manage your systems. With this mobile-friendly interface, you can easily define and share dashboards and securely view system information from your preferred device, providing single-pane-of-glass visibility for IT staff and executives alike.