Cut Password Reset Costs Without the Green Screen

Password resets are an issue for users of every type of application and platform—including IBM i. We’ve all found ourselves staring at the blank password field, searching our brains for the right combination of characters and falling short.

Resetting a password is generally just a small annoyance, but IBM i password resets cost your organization significant amounts of time and money. Keep reading to learn about a solution that can reduce these costs—with no green screen access required!

Adding Up the Costs

IBM i users can’t get their work done until they call the help desk and get a password reset. Instead of focusing on more meaningful tasks, the IT team is stuck fielding password reset requests.

The grand total for this process? $70 and 40 minutes of productivity—all for a single IBM i password reset.

When you consider that password resets are one of the most common requests the help desk receives, the costs add up fast.

A Solution with a Quick ROI

Finding a tool that facilitates self-service resets is a simple solution that will make your IBM i users and your IT team happy. The fast ROI will look pretty good to your finance department, too.

Powertech Password Self Help for IBM i is an easy-to-use tool that will increase productivity almost immediately. Here’s how it works:

  • IT configures the product setting and registers the user profiles that can use it
  • IBM i users provide answers to challenge questions that will be used to verify their identities whenever they need password resets
  • Instead of calling the help desk the next time they forget an IBM i password, users answer their Password Self Help challenge questions and can reset the password

The process is incredibly simple and gets IBM i users back to work quickly, which IT is saved from the barrage of password reset requests.

Enhanced Security Through Password Resets

Using Password Self Help also increases your security posture. Users can set their own default reset password to one known only to themselves, which helps guarantee authenticity. The tool’s settings can be customized to match your organization’s security policy, ensuring your IBM i users won’t be using simple, easy-to-crack passwords that compromise security.

Instant alerts inform designated personnel when unsuccessful resets occur. This means administrators can take action to ensure user profiles are secure.

Successful and unsuccessful reset attempts are recorded, providing the complete audit trail auditors want to see.

No Green Screen Required

Some IBM i end users don’t have access to a green screen. That’s not a problem with Password Self Help. A new, intuitive web user interface allows users to reset IBM i passwords from anyplace they have internet access, including mobile devices.

And for users who prefer the green screen, that’s not going away.

The process is just as simple and secure on both interfaces.

Empower Your Users

A self-service password tool like Password Self Help trims help desk costs and enables your business to reclaim costs stemming from lost productivity. To see for yourself how easy it is, request a demo today.



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