Combining the Power of Automate & Intermapper: Popular Use Cases

Automate for Intermapper

Keeping your network in tip-top shape is crucial for a successful business. Don’t get blindsided by network downtime. Employing a network monitoring solution—like Intermapper from HelpSystems—helps you spot network issues faster. So why not team up with a solution that helps you fix issues faster? That’s where Automate comes in. Combining the power of Automate and Intermapper enables you to create a self-healing network—saving you time and keeping your network healthy.

When an Intermapper alert goes off, Automate will run a command to fix the issue. It’s an instant, seamless way to ensure your network is always performing as it should be. Here are the most popular use cases for automating your network.

Server Restart

Intermapper alerts you when a server goes down and there's a problem to fix. Imagine having to manually fix the issue and the server is at another location. Instead of going to the server yourself, take it to the next level and use Automate to kick off an automatic process to get it back up and running without any manual intervention. Often, people assume that because their server reboots and there’s a login screen, they're good to go. But server startup isn’t complete until the server and all services and IP ports are available for use. Automate not only ensures your server is up, but all server services are running.

Remote Commands and Configuration Management

Healthy networks keep their configuration files on routers and switches updated and current. Intermapper lets you easily keep track of all these devices so you know when and where to apply updates. But actually applying the updates requires manual work. Eliminate the manual effort and automate this process with a task to apply updates, perform backups, and reboot remote devices. Perform updates or restarts with any Windows, Linux, AIX, or Unix variant operating system. As long as the device is online with an active IP address, you can integrate with Automate to get upgrades out to routers and switches as soon as they’re available with no waiting.

Network Traffic and Bandwidth

Network slowdowns are frustrating. Intermapper can tell you if the issue is with a particular app, a website, or a general performance issue on your network. Slowdowns impact your work and it takes time to manually troubleshoot the problem—but it doesn’t have to. Automate can regularly check site responses to determine the source of slowdowns. Keep users happy by fixing any issues with slowdowns before they even notice.

Password Resets

Safe passwords are the first line of defense for a secure network. Automate makes the password reset process easy and safe. Users can fill out a password reset request form or a help desk ticket to kick off the process. Automate then verifies users via challenge questions and resets passwords with random values. The reset password is then sent to a cell phone, email address, or the appropriate supervisor, so users can get logged back in to change it without waiting for an administrator to manually reset the password for them.

Proactive Application Monitoring

Businesses are using an increasing amount of applications for their work. Intermapper lets you easily monitor their usage within your network, all in one place. But ensuring that all the applications are running smoothly takes a lot of effort—like manually checking 10, 20, or more, systems throughout the day. With Automate, you can eliminate the manual checks. Let Automate handle system checks so you can focus on bigger problems and issues. Automate's robots can consistently manage logging and reporting to keep service levels intact. Stop problems before they happen because the best way to reduce help desk requests is to prevent them.

Automate Sensor Interaction and Remediation

Sensor information can come from a variety of devices in an Internet of Things (IOT) environment. Intermapper helps keep track of sensor alerts and locate where an alert is coming from so you can react swiftly. With Automate, you can set tasks to automatically handle your most complex sensor-related tasks and run processes based on network events to make system adjustments with Automate. Helping you react faster and stopping issues before they become major problems.

Onboard New Users

Does your organization have a formal user on-boarding and off-boarding process? Most companies manually handle these tedious processes. Save time and improve accuracy by automating the process. A scheduled automation process can perform on-boarding and off-boarding activities. This includes mailbox creation, allocating equipment, software licenses and more. And you can run audit queries against Active Directory on a regular basis for the most up-to-date data.

Testing Outbound Emails

Email is one of the most important communication mechanisms we use today. One simple task to automate is testing outbound emails. Automate can send an email to a mailbox outside the internal network. Once the help desk robot receives the email, you know your email system is working correctly. Automate works with a variety of email providers such as Exchange, Office365, Gmail, and other third-party email providers.

Install Software Updates and Patches

Imagine not needing to go to every desk to manually apply system updates. Make the software update process a breeze with Automate. An automated process can be set up to perform roll outs of software updates and patches. And check various system properties on a PC or server to make sure all updates are in place. Software updates are easy when you remotely run and execute them with Automate.


Always configure automation processes to log their work— such as which application was checked, the start and end time of a transaction, expected performance, and more. This helps audit the types of events that would have been handled manually in the past. And it justifies using automation software to augment regular network and device monitoring. This makes it easier to capture metrics and also document your work when closing help desk tickets.

Ready to take your network’s health to the next level? Try Automate for Intermapper and take tedious network tasks off your plate. Learn more about how the solution works and try it free for 30 days.



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