Capacity Management in Operations Management

Capacity Management in Operations Management [Webinar Recap]


What is capacity management in operations management?

That’s the topic of a recent webinar with Tom Huntington and Per Bauer. They tackled the role of capacity management in operations management today (including the cloud). And they talked about the role that TeamQuest capacity management solutions play at HelpSystems.

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Per Bauer is the Director of International Services for capacity management at HelpSystems. He’s been working in the capacity management space for 15 years, with a focus on understanding the business drivers for capacity management. And he helps customers understand why to do capacity management.

The Role of Capacity Management

Capacity management starts with the assumption that you’ll have an increase in demand over time. You’ll have a sourcing mechanism tell you that you need to add capacity. In worst cases, the need for more capacity is discovered through incidents like poor performance or availability issues.

Many organizations don’t trust they’re ability to do capacity management—and that leads them to overprovisioning.

So, capacity management has a two-fold purpose. Get sufficient capacity. And avoid overspending.

Reasons for Capacity Management

There are seven key drivers for capacity management in operations management today.

  1. Business critical services
  2. Seasonality and peaks in business activity
  3. Business growth
  4. Regulatory requirements
  5. Provisioning lead times
  6. Cost optimization
  7. Agility

How You’ll Benefit

There are three ways that organizations benefit from capacity management. First, they improve efficiency. Second, they mitigate risks. And third, they increase their agility.

Capacity Management at HelpSystems

Capacity management plays an important role in the HelpSystems IT operations management suite.

TeamQuest capacity management solutions can take data from any source. That means you can use data you gather with other HelpSystems products, like:

Plus, capacity management customers get results like:

  • $10 million saved in reclaimed data center assets (telco)
  • 94 percent decrease in application slowdowns in just four months (healthcare)
  • $12 million saved in hardware in 15 months (insurance)

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Take the Next Step with Capacity Management

Choose your path to capacity management. If you’re new to capacity management, it might make sense to start with capacity planning. Download the guide, How to Do Capacity Planning.


If you have some experience with capacity management, it might make sense to start with a maturity assessment.