Business Continuity Planning and a Picnic

Business Continuity Planning and a Picnic

I often travel to user groups and conferences to deliver presentations and share my backup and recovery knowledge with the IBM i community. It’s one of my favorite things! So, it happened that I was at a conference recently when the power went out right in the middle of morning sessions.

Being in the business of business continuity and disaster recovery, I had to take this opportunity for a teachable moment. The punchline is that the conference continued successfully. And here are three reasons why.

1. Battery-powered laptops

After the gasps and a patient pause, it was obvious that the power wasn’t going to come back on any time soon. Ad hoc recovery operations kicked into high gear.

Presenters relied on battery-powered laptops to access their presentations. They continued to deliver the information that attendees had come to learn. Smaller groups gathered around laptop screens to view the presentation slides. Coincidentally, one of the vendors at the expo had been handing out flashlights as a promo item. The users were resourceful and these really came in handy!

2. Propane grills

The hotel staff also went into disaster recovery mode. They had to find a way to feed lunch to a few hundred people! Since there was still no power in the kitchen, they brought out grills and we enjoyed delicious hamburgers and brats. All played out so smoothly. It was obviously a scenario the hotel staff had been prepared to handle.

Luckily, the power came back on while we were eating lunch. The hotel staff, the presenters, and the attendees had successfully recovered from the power outage without losing their minds or missing out on any valuable information.

3. Business continuity planning

This is what business continuity is all about: being prepared to exercise your pre-planned processes and procedures to keep your business running smoothly. 

This story just goes to show that a short power outage or a major disaster could hit your business at any moment—like right in the middle of a big event or your busy season—so it’s essential to have a business continuity plan that you have practiced and tested so that you’re recovery ready when the time comes.

And would you believe the power again went out again the very next day? Needless to say, everyone was better prepared to handle this power outage after our recovery practice round from the day before.

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