Building an Automation Center of Excellence Part Two: Scalable RPA Infrastructure

Your organization is aware of the benefits of strategic automation. You have a core team of automation enthusiasts with the ideal skillset to start building your automation center of excellence.

But your robotic process automation (RPA) software implementation is only as good as its technological foundation and the processes that govern it. In the second webinar in this three-part series, Pat Cameron and Richard Schoen discussed how you can make smart choices about your automation center of excellence infrastructure.


Build Your Center of Excellence Foundation

Most modern companies are already automating quite a few tasks. However, these automated processes exist as islands—departments or even individuals have found tools to ease their workloads, but the tools don’t always work with each other. In other cases, certain users or teams may have already implemented a solution that would be valuable throughout the enterprise, but only a few people know about it. The goal of your center of excellence should be to bring all of your enterprise automation into a single ongoing project with your core team in the lead. In the first webinar in the center of excellence series, Pat and Richard discussed putting together that team and some key processes for them to use.

Missed the first webinar? Watch it or read the recap here

The first webinar also introduced the automation center of excellence framework, pictured below. That webinar concentrated on the left pillar of the framework, people and processes, while this webinar focuses on the right pillar, systems and infrastructure.

automation center of excellence plan