Break Time! 6 Cybersecurity Games that You'll Love

Although cybersecurity is not often associated with fun and games, learning about it can be! Check out these six options for putting your cyber defense knowledge to the test during simulated security breaches and attacks. These selections include both free online activities and corporate training-style games to round out your experience.

Break Time! 6 Cybersecurity Games You'll Love

Game 1

Blog: 6 Cybersecurity Games, The Game

1. Targeted Attack: The Game   

Become the CIO of Fugle Inc. to determine what to do to protect sensitive company information in light of potential security issues. You’ll start with a video intro and then launch into the game with your chosen strategy defining the path it takes. Spend your budget coins wisely as you take on this challenge!

Game 2

Blog: 6 Cybersecurity Games, Cybersecurity Lab

2. Cybersecurity Lab

As the CTO of a start-up social networking company (options include the cleverly named Einstagram, SnapCat, WattsAmp, and Phasebook), you’ll be in charge of cybersecurity during increasingly sophisticated attacks. Bolster your defenses to fend off foes in varying challenges that involve password and code cracking, and more.

Game 3

Blog: 6 Cybersecurity Games, Cyber Awareness

3. Cyber Awareness Challenge

In this training-style game designed by the military, you hear a message from the year 2030, where cybersecurity incidents that happened in the past are seriously impacting life. You’re tasked with preventing these events from occurring or resolving the issues using evidence from the case file on each situation. Your goal is to lower the overall threat status and change the future.

Game 4

Blog: 6 Cybersecurity Games, Keep Tradition Secure

4. Keep Tradition Secure

A hacker named "Bad Bull" is threatening Texas A&M's campus traditions. Tracking this threat monger down requires answering a serious of cybersecurity questions and making your way around campus. This is one of a series of games Texas A&M Information Technology has created to promote National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Check out each of the games the team has created since 2010.

Game 5, Zero Threat

Blog: 6 Cybersecurity Games, Zero Threat

5. Zero Threat

Request a trial of Eukleia's Zero Threat, a cybersecurity training game in which your network is under constant attack. Work through simulated risks such as phishing emails, social engineering attempts, malicious websites, infected USB drives, breaches, and more. You may find this game has value for your organization as a training tool.

Game 6

Blog: 6 Cybersecurity Games, Game of Threats

6. Game of Threats

PwC's Game of Threats simulates a cyber-attack to help executives understand the key decisions that need to be made in short order. You can participate both as an attacker and as a defender as precious seconds tick by and your company’s valuable information assets are on the line.

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