Best Practices for Avoiding Network Outages (Webinar Recap)

Network outages are not only problematic to the overall operations of a business, but can impact the bottom line and the reputation of the business as well. In fact, network downtime and latency can cause a business to lose $84-$108 thousand every hour.

In a recent webinar, HelpSystems Technical Solutions Consultant Kevin Jackson revealed some of the most common reasons why network outages occur.


Kevin suggests that the most probable cause is human error. Something as simple as unplugging a cable, shutting down the wrong device, or a patch cable in the wrong port while doing an upgrade can impact the health of a network. Another frequent problem is configuration issues. An improperly configured network can easily reap outages. Next are environmental factors such as issues with the actual physical space or issues with an environmental sensor. Such problems can impact hardware and create a network outage. Finally, lack of visibility into your network prevents you from narrowing down where the issue is and what caused it.

Equipping your business with an effective network monitoring solution can contribute in preventing outages by:

  • Device discovery and performance monitoring
  • Visually displaying status information of all your devices and their behaviors
  • Real-time monitoring functionality and notifications to keep you informed at all times

Implementing the right network monitoring solution will offer peace of mind that your network is armed and ready to notify you of an impending outage.

Why Intermapper?

In the webinar, Kevin demonstrates Intermapper’s flexibility in supporting and monitoring virtually anything with an IP address. He also reveals how Intermapper can:

  • Manage remote sites while monitoring from anywhere
  • Proactively mitigate issues before reaching a critical level
  • Reduce costs associated with downtime and network management
  • Send customizable alerts via email, text, sound, and more
  • Perform network detection to notify you of newly connected devices
  • Automate functionality that serves as remediation when connected to Intermapper
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