AP Automation Makes Your AP Staff's Lives Easier

Plain and simple: AP automation makes AP professionals' lives easier.

Invoices are endlessly entering your organization. One might come to you by email. Another may enter by fax. A third might arrive in the mail. And a fourth might be handed to you as you’re walking down the hallway to the breakroom. And that’s just the beginning.

Each time you try to pay one of them, you have to go through a manual process of scanning, copying, printing, routing, mailing, and filing. Invoices can easily get lost or misplaced along the way, or someone might hang on to an invoice for far too long without even realizing it.

It’s no wonder that a typical day in the life of an AP Specialist is full of:

  • Stress
  • Roadblocks
  • Endless follow-up

Wouldn’t it be nice if the process to pay invoices was less manual and far less frustrating?

That’s where AP automation comes in. AP automation removes all of the manual steps for capturing, routing, and paying invoices—no matter how they enter your organization. Invoices are never lost, and approvers are routinely notified until they finally approve the invoice (or it goes on to an alternate approver).

After automating AP processes, a day in the life of an AP specialist changes for the better and all those frustrations disappear.

Instead of stressing out, AP specialists:

  • Route invoices automatically
  • Receive approvals faster
  • Boost productivity and spend more time on the important stuff

See the difference for yourself.