Announcing the IPv6 Transition Survey for 2017

IPv6 transitions have been on the radars of IT professionals for years. Everyone knows that the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) ran out of internet addresses in 2015. Everyone knows that a transition from IPv4 to IPv6 is unavoidable—but for years, there’s been no real urgency for most organizations to move forward, as most organizations are waiting for their service provider to say the word.

Slowly, but surely, IPv6 transitions are happening

2017, however, started to see some real progress. Today Google is reporting worldwide IPv6 deployment is at 16 percent—up from 10 percent just a year ago. Apple announced their transition to IPv6-only network services in iOS 9, and that all applications submitted to the App Store must be IPv6-ready. For the first time ever, Facebook saw more people using IPv6 than IPv4.

In our own HelpSystems IPv6 transition survey conducted about a year ago, we found that just 7 percent of about 350 respondents had already deployed IPv6. An additional 10% planned to deploy within a year, and 13% within the next 1-2 years.  

What’s changed in the past year?

Take our 2017 IPv6 transition survey

I’m eager to find out what’s changed, and where IT teams are at with IPv6 in 2017. We’re asking for your feedback. Take the survey by February 28th. Why?

  • You’ll help shed light on where IT professionals are in their journey toward IPv6.
  • If you’ve already transitioned, you can share your own success stories and advice to help your peers with their implementation plans.
  • You’ll contribute to our industry report, which will be shared in the coming months.

Take the five-minute survey and tell us where you’re at. We value your insights, and look forward to updating you in the coming months with the results!