5 Cybersecurity Resources You Shouldn’t Scroll Past

Cybersecurity Resources

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With the cybersecurity environment changing so rapidly, it can be difficult to stay abreast of the latest threats and what they may mean for your business. Having a few go-to resources makes it easier to continue to educate yourself on this important topic.

While there are hundreds of places you can go for information, the sites featured below are reliable sources that have unique take on cybersecurity. If your goal is staying ahead of the curve with security trends and solutions, check them out.

1. Krebs on Security [Blog]

Former Washington Post reporter Brian Krebs turned his personal experience being hacked into a new career as the creator of this informative blog dedicated to security news. You’ll find detailed explorations of everything from the latest phishing scams and cyber criminal activity to exploited corporate vulnerabilities and what the latest hacking stories mean for businesses and individuals.

2. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) [Website]

This group is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce and seeks to enable the country as a whole to understand, prevent, and manage cybersecurity challenges in today’s fast-changing environment. The site features information on topics such as configuration and vulnerability management, cryptography, risk management, and identity and access management.

3. NOVA’s Cybersecurity Overview [Video]

This video clearly explains how cybersecurity developed over the years, starting with the beginnings of the internet and how it wasn’t originally designed to handle all the information exchanges that happen today. This is a good primer to help educate others in your organization, and it features an interesting cybersecurity game that’s free to play for those interested in testing out their cybersecurity skills.

4.  Internet Storm Center’s Daily Information Security “Stormcasts" [Podcast]

This group is part of the SANS Institute and produces a five to 10-minute podcast Monday through Friday to cover late-breaking security incidents and issues. These snippets are designed to be quick-hitters to help info security professionals start their day with the latest information relevant to their jobs.

5. GIAC Training and Certifications [Training]

GIAC (Global Information Assurance Certification) offers more than 30 cybersecurity certifications in areas such as cyber defense, penetration testing, incident response and forensics, and more. For those interested in exploring a variety of training opportunities, visit our blog post on the top skills security administrators need and how to expand your repertoire.


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