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3 Key Strategies for Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring

Are you keeping your eye on the cloud? With more and more companies leaning away from on-premises devices, it’s important not to lose sight of your cloud-based IT infrastructure. Here are three ways network monitoring software from Intermapper can help when monitoring cloud infrastructure so you can keep your network healthy, no matter where your devices are located.

cloud infrastructure monitoring


1. Network Mapping

Between the Internet of Things and cloud-based applications, there’s never been more things connecting and interacting with your network. Whether your organization has gone fully cloud-based or you have a hybrid IT environment, it’s important to have an eye on all the devices in your network.

Intermapper’s live network mapping software makes it easier to get a visual topology of all your network devices faster. Intermapper auto-discovers anything with an IP address—whether physical or virtual—and places them on an interactive, customizable network map. Plus, you can set up alerts so you know right away when a new device has connected to your network.

2. Network Performance Monitoring

The biggest benefit to running devices in the cloud is having them accessible no matter where you or your workforce are working from. But access is only one part of the equation. You need to ensure your network is performing well enough that your cloud-based devices can run without slowdowns or interruptions. With network performance monitoring, get insights on all your devices to make sure everything is performing as it should.

Between efficient polling, and powerful probes, you can leverage real-time data for the most accurate picture of your network. Plus, Intermapper Flows gives you reliable Flow data for better visibility into traffic, including top talkers and listeners, for a fuller view of network usage. This information helps you establish what “normal” looks like for your network, that way, when abnormalities pop up, you can alert key stakeholders to take action.

3. Network Automation

Spotting issues is only half the battle. While live monitoring helps you see issues faster, it still takes time for your IT team to fix it. That’s where Intermapper’s network automation tool comes in to get your cloud-based devices back up and running automatically.

By using network monitoring alerts to trigger automation commands, you can bring quick remediation to ensure your devices are always available in the cloud. Whether it’s restarting failed devices or services or reconfiguring device settings, network automation from Intermapper can do it all without manual intervention.

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