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15 Business Process Automation Examples

Business process automation (BPA) lets organizations streamline critical processes to reduce the complexity of managing multiple tasks for one process. While robotic process automation (RPA) focuses on software robots that handle individual tasks that mimic human interaction, BPA takes a big picture approach to improve efficiencies throughout your business. Here are 15 different examples of how companies are using business process automation to their advantage - all of which can be performed using Automate.

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1. Automated File Transfers

With BPA, you can incorporate file transfers into larger workflows that include tasks like encrypting and decrypting the files or entering the information they contain into an ERP system.

2. Automated User Provisioning

Various applications need to be provisioned when a new hire joins, possibly with different permission settings for each hire. Business process automation software can automate these HR processes while keeping all relevant parties notified at each step.

3. Automated Report Generation and Distribution

Go beyond automated reporting and make the entire process efficient by tying it into processes like PDF scraping or writing the reported data into an accounting system.

4. Automated Order Entry

Use business process automation to automate your database interaction processes without writing a line of code.

5. Email Automation

By automating your inbox, you can automatically process information from your email quickly and efficiently. And you can also make sharing files easier with tasks for uploading documents to SharePoint or emailing reports to stakeholders.

6. Automate Claims Processes

What was once a long, manual process to close out each month’s claims—with IT staff working well into the morning hours to finish the eight hours of work—is now fast and efficient with business process automation.

7. Spreadsheet Automation

Maintaining spreadsheets involves a lot of manual work—entering data into multiple reports, copying and pasting numbers into a spreadsheet, or reformatting and manipulating Excel data. You can easily use BPA to automate your spreadsheet process without macros or code.

8. Automated Business Application Integration

With businesses using more and more different applications, a lot of business processes can involve multiple business applications. BPA can easily bring them all together.

9. Browser Automation

Even if a part of your process involves going to a website and clicking on fields or grabbing information, business process automation can make it faster and more efficient.

10. Cloud Automation

Organizations are using the cloud to their advantage. And even if you have processes that involve cloud and on-premise applications, you can still get help from BPA software.

11. Terminal Emulation Automation

Integrate terminal emulation into your comprehensive business process automation strategy, expanding the possibilities of which tasks can be automated. Tasks on legacy systems can be monitored from the same central location as all your automated workflows.

12. Microsoft Application Automation

Whether you’re checking your email in Excel, writing copy in a Word doc, or updating an Excel spreadsheet, you probably spend a lot of time working with Microsoft applications. BPA can streamline processes involving any Microsoft application.

13. Automated Event Log Monitoring

Use business process automation to monitor event logs and systems while automatically rectifying system problems and process errors.

14. Automated Batch Processing

Greatly reduce development costs and timelines and make ongoing maintenance and management of automated tasks a breeze when you use BPA for batch processing.

15. Automated ERP Integration

Business process automation software can work directly with your ERP system to streamline any of the mission critical processes that need information from, or get information to, your ERP.

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