Robot/CONSOLE from HelpSystems Now IASP-Ready for High Availability Message Management on IBM i

October 8, 2013

The latest version of Robot’s message and resource management and monitoring software enables businesses to use high availability for business-critical information

Minneapolis, MN, October 8, 2013—Robot, a division of HelpSystems, announced the release of Robot/CONSOLE Version 5.25, which enables an instance of Robot/CONSOLE to exist on an independent auxiliary storage pool (IASP), allowing uninterrupted resource and message monitoring in the event of a disaster. The update came in response to the growing demand for applications with the ability to move with other IASP applications in high availability environments. IBM’s PowerHA hardware-level replication solution for high availability also drove the decision, as it requires that replicated data be stored in an IASP.

The latest version of Robot/CONSOLE allows users to install or upgrade directly into an IASP alongside their IASP-aware software, as well as have their Robot/CONSOLE installation move with their IASP when resorting to their failover box. Users can also take advantage of a second installation in *SYSBAS to continue monitoring QSYSOPR and other resources while the IASP is offline.

“Robot/CONSOLE has worked with IASP since version 5 shipped. The biggest advantage to V5.25 is that Robot/CONSOLE can now be installed into an IASP and moved from system to system without save and restore,” explains Jody Dahl, software development manager at HelpSystems. “We’ve also added the ability to have multiple licenses installed so hot site testing will be seamless.”

Along with the ability to move message sets and custom scripts with your applications in IASP, the new version of Robot/CONSOLE boasts an improved product update tool, which allows users to send save files only, so they can finish updates at their convenience. “Users can take advantage of network activity to get the save files in place, then run the updates during planned downtime,” says Dahl.

Robot/SCHEDULE job scheduler software from HelpSystems has supported IASP since version 10, including the ability to run in an IASP. With the latest version of Robot/CONSOLE, HelpSystems continues to develop solutions that enable its customers to take advantage of PowerHA, including real-time mirroring, saving time on backups, and keeping downtime to a minimum.

HelpSystems offers a free, 30-day trial of Robot/CONSOLE. The trial includes full product access and free support.

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