New Job Scheduler Release Enhances Interface Flexibility For IT and Business Process Automation

September 20, 2013

Help/Systems Releases Enterprise Job Scheduler, Skybot Scheduler 3.4, with Web Services API, Command Line Interface, and Robot/SCHEDULE Reactivity

Minneapolis, MN, September 20, 2013— Help/Systems, developer of web-based enterprise job scheduler, Skybot Scheduler, announces the availability of version 3.4. This latest release of Skybot includes more flexibility and control in automating IT and business processes by adding a Web services API, a command line interface, and integration with Robot/SCHEDULE.

Companies with sophisticated IT systems benefit from the time and resource savings that best-of-breed job scheduling software offers. The new Skybot enhancements give IT pros access to more efficient programming, to easily fine-tune scheduled application functions with remote access to business systems, and the ability to organize output into groups so that a single action achieves results over large numbers of discrete tasks.

Skybot Scheduler’s new Web services API improves efficiency by reducing time, integrating existing software modules, and providing cost savings through consolidation. Job schedules can also be manipulated with the new Web Services feature, by using a new command line interface available on any Skybot agent. The command line can be imbedded on almost any application.

Skybot 3.4 also has built-in cross-system reactivity with Robot/SCHEDULE, the world’s most advanced job scheduling software for Power Systems running IBM i. Status changes coming from the Robot/SCHEDULE server can serve as pre-requisites for Skybot jobs and job suites, and Skybot Schedule objects (jobs, job suites, member jobs) can serve as prerequisites for Robot/SCHEDULE jobs and group jobs. Reactivity now runs both ways between the systems.

“This update is a direct reflection of our ongoing commitment to our customers,” says Janet Dryer, CEO of Help/Systems. “Our clients asked for more flexibility and control with their job scheduling software, and our staff worked hard to make it a reality.”

About Skybot Scheduler

Skybot Software, a division of Help/Systems, develops automation software for multiple platforms. Skybot Scheduler is an intuitive, web-based job scheduler that automates complex business processes within enterprise software applications such as SAP, Oracle, and Informatica.

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