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Lamps Plus Cuts Overtime by 27% with Robot Systems Management Software

December 19, 2012

Lamps Plus, the nation's largest specialty lighting company, reported a 27 percent reduction in staff overtime just six months after automating its IBM i operations with Robot systems management software by Help/Systems, the independent IBM i software developer based in Eden Prairie, MN.

John Dunn, the IT operations manager for Lamps Plus, also credits the software solution—made up of Robot/SCHEDULE Enterprise, the cross-platform job scheduler, Robot/ALERT, message notification software, and Robot/CONSOLE, message manager and resource monitor—for automating their evening shift, including its difficult cross-platform processing, and for monitoring their job queues.

Robot/CONSOLE, Dunn said, lets staff know if a message comes up for a job, preventing situations where staff remains unaware of errors. After implementing the Robot systems management solution, Dunn said, "the checks and balances in the process notify us if something goes wrong, or if something doesn't run by a certain time."

Dunn also credits Robot/SCHEDULE Enterprise and Robot/ALERT with reducing errors and making it easier to run IT operations for over 40 Lamps Plus superstores throughout the western United States.

"Our next plan is to bring [our] AIX systems into the fold," said Dunn, who also praised Help/Systems training and live technical support for helping him connect his IBM i environment with his Windows platform after relying for years on multiple time-based schedulers that ran independently of events on other servers.

Help/Systems offers a free 30-day trial of its Robot systems management solution. The trial includes full product access and free support.