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HelpSystems Simplifies Data Security Administration

October 14, 2015

Minneapolis, MN, October 14, 2015—HelpSystems, a leading provider of systems management, business intelligence, and security solutions, today announced an update to its Network Security software. Network Security 7.0 helps IT professionals centralize the security management of multiple systems across your network, making it simpler than ever to control and monitor access to critical data.

Network Security 7.0 makes it easier to distribute your organization’s security policy across the network. Administrators now can configure security settings and rules on a central server, and settings can be applied to other systems on the network quickly and easily, saving considerable time and tightening security.  

This new version lets users verify adherence to the organization’s security policy, and quickly correct discrepancies. And any action performed on the system is recorded, making it easy to track changes in security and network configuration.

“When security tasks are time-consuming and cumbersome, administrators are more likely neglect them,” said Robin Tatam, CISM and Director of Security Technologies, HelpSystems. “That’s the unfortunate reality when IT professionals are overwhelmed with responsibilities.”

“Centrally managing systems is much more efficient than applying security rules to each server individually. Streamlining this process makes adhering to a security policy more practical, so the net result is data that’s better protected and less vulnerable to cybercriminals.”

Customers already using Network Security can upgrade to this new version to access the new enhancements. More information about how Network Security can help you monitor and control access to your system are available on the HelpSystems website.

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