HelpSystems Releases Comprehensive Capacity Management Software

July 17, 2018

Minneapolis, MN, July 17, 2018—HelpSystems announced today a new release of its Vityl Capacity Management software, an industry-leading platform when it comes to enabling IT professionals to effectively address capacity management for their infrastructure. This newest version enables organizations to ensure service delivery and uptime for their applications, all with one tool. This is particularly important for hybrid IT environments, which include some combination of on-premise servers, cloud instances, virtual workloads, and container configurations. HelpSystems released the first version of Vityl Capacity Management in January 2018, which introduced easy to use yet powerful capacity planning capabilities. This second release makes the software a complete solution for creating capacity plans, monitoring performance metrics, and utilizing automated analytics—all parts of a complete capacity management practice.

In the new release, the key components of an IT capacity management practice are woven into a single tool with an intuitive interface that revolutionizes how organizations manage capacity. HelpSystems Product Owner Scott Adams says, “So many different factors affect how an IT environment will behave. Having access to data from any source means Vityl can take business developments, IT changes, industry factors, and more into account to determine when an organization might be at risk for a service outage. Combined with that, the software is easy to use and provides actionable advice new and experienced capacity managers can follow.”

This update also includes support for containers, which are secure, isolated environments that allow IT to test how an application will behave before moving from a physical or virtual server to a cloud instance or vice versa. In the past few years, Docker, a major provider of containers, has shown containerization to be a valuable tool for IT teams that want to move their business to the cloud but can’t afford downtime or even a slowdown in service delivery time. “Our goal at HelpSystems is to be one step ahead of our customers’ needs, providing the software solutions companies need as soon as the problem arises,” says HelpSystems CEO, Chris Heim. “With Docker and other container providers gaining traction in the market, we’re right on time to support those early adopters of containerization.”

Vityl Capacity Management aims to simplify the practice of capacity management significantly in this new release, reducing risk of service outages or overprovisioning with complete data analysis, simple capacity plan creation, and support for all kinds of workloads. Organizations with large IT environments or with a mix of physical, virtual, cloud, and container workloads as part of their hybrid IT enterprise will benefit from unified data analytics, using one tool to both see the health of IT operations and plan for growth or other changes. With the push to move workloads into the cloud, where cost savings can be both significant and immediate, container support from Vityl Capacity Management will allow businesses to monitor a workload before migration to the cloud, knowing exactly how much capacity is needed.

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