HelpSystems Announces MSS for AIX & Linux

HelpSystems Provides Managed Security Services for AIX and Linux

June 30, 2017

Minneapolis, MN, June 30, 2017—HelpSystems today announced the availability of managed security services (MSS) for AIX and Linux. This is an expansion of HelpSystems’ successful MSS for IBM i, based on customer demand. Managed security services helps organizations monitor key security indicators and spot vulnerabilities before threats materialize.

The HelpSystems team of cybersecurity professionals leverages the benchmarks developed by the independent Center for Internet Security (CIS) to monitor security configuration settings. Monthly reports consolidate security data from multiple servers and highlight issues that leave the organization vulnerable.

“Managed security services is an easy way for organizations to approach cybersecurity proactively. Our security professionals have the knowledge and experience to zero in on the highest priority security issues,” said John Vanderwall, VP and Business Unit Manager of Security Services, HelpSystems. “As a result, our clients can eliminate the time it takes to pore over hundreds of reports each month.”

“Security threats are growing more sophisticated each year, while many organizations struggle to develop the necessary expertise in-house. Cybersecurity has become a top business issue in all industries and the trend toward managed security services reflects that,” said Chris Heim, CEO, HelpSystems. “Our security professionals’ expertise is invaluable to customers looking to protect their mission-critical data and systems.”

For more details about managed security services, visit the HelpSystems website.

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