HelpSystems Extends Security Monitoring to Amazon S3

August 7, 2018

Minneapolis, MN, August 7, 2018—HelpSystems announced today that its popular Policy Minder solution has been enhanced to empower security monitoring for information stored on Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). As the largest global cloud infrastructure, Amazon S3 is often a prime target for hackers looking to exploit unsecure data. This new capability adds to Policy Minder’s recently launched functionality for monitoring servers on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) platform, giving customers a powerful weapon in their efforts to protect their dynamic cloud and hybrid IT environments.

Policy Minder supports time-constrained IT teams with automated security auditing and configuration for cloud infrastructure, greatly improving their ability to achieve compliance and resist breaches. The solution compares security profiles across all servers against an organization’s defined requirements, alerting administrators of discrepancies. Any misconfigurations or holes detected in security profiles can be remedied automatically for round-the-clock security protection and intrusion prevention.

“It’s all too common for people to simply throw data in an S3 cloud bucket without taking the right steps to align the security with their organization’s requirements,” said Bob Erdman, Security Product Manager, HelpSystems. “In addition, IT leaders may not have full visibility into new servers as they’re spun up into the cloud, making the process of monitoring and rectifying security configurations extremely difficult without the right tools in place. With its server auto-discovery and policy remediation, Policy Minder greatly simplifies this process for the increasing number of companies using Amazon EC2 as well as S3 for their cloud and hybrid environments.”

“Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of data breaches in the headlines for S3 buckets where administrators have accidentally left them open or failed to configure security settings properly,” said Chris Heim, CEO, HelpSystems. “One of our goals as a company is to simplify IT lives, and solutions like Policy Minder that can automatically apply the right security settings go a long way toward restoring peace of mind for breach-wary IT teams. Using Policy Minder protects cloud servers and the data they house from the moment they are brought into the IT stack.”

HelpSystems has developed an active product roadmap for Policy Minder, which will continue to be updated with additional capabilities across the most popular cloud products. It is fast becoming the solution of choice for IT professionals looking to centralize security monitoring across broad, multi-vendor cloud environments.

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