Halcyon Software Announces MQ Manager for IBM i

February 25, 2014

Delivering 24/7 monitoring of MQ processes to improve business efficiency

Halcyon Software, a global leader in multi-platform systems management software, has announced the immediate availability of MQ Manager, a new solution that will proactively monitors the performance and availability of IBM WebSphere MQ Server.

Key business benefits include ensuring the flow of data is not disrupted to minimize the business risk, saving IT resources by eliminating the need for manual checking, and reducing operational costs.

The new solution raises alerts whenever a threshold is breached, detects bottlenecks, and identifies any issues that could potentially prevent data from reaching its required destination.

It also monitors the seven key components of IBM WebSphere MQ: MQ Queue Manager, MQ Listeners, MQ Channels, MQ Queues, MQ Services, MQ Cluster Manager Status, and MQ Events.

The software will continuously and automatically monitor essential MQ processes, negating the need for experienced IT staff to manually check the status of the critical elements of the WebSphere application server. It runs every 60 seconds by default, but can be configured to suit operational requirements in order to check specific rule-based criteria against current WebSphere MQ values before performing pre-defined actions.

MQ Manager delivers fault management processes by proactively checking for impending problems. This will trigger alarm notifications and appropriate actions as well as gather performance data for planning, analysis, and reporting problems.

MQ Manager can be used as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with any of the IBM i Server Suites and shares common features such as calendars, escalation procedures, and authorities used by existing Halcyon products. It is supplied with best practice example rules that will monitor MQ regardless of the destination platform, saving considerable time for management and configuration.

MQ Manager is an intelligent product that comes with a unique web-browser graphical user interface that will enable IT teams to remotely monitor via a smartphone or tablet. It is shipped with the Halcyon Enterprise Console so that IT teams can receive and rapidly respond to issues wherever they are located before they escalate and impact the business,” commented Donnie MacColl, Technical Services Director of Halcyon Software. “The first phase of this new solution release will support the IBM i platform, with future versions supporting other operating systems such as AIX, Windows, and Linux.”

MQ Manager has been designed to be easy to use and low maintenance in terms of administration, as it does not require scripting or specialist knowledge.

HelpSystems offers a live demo and a free trial of MQ Manager through their website.

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