Halcyon Days Ahead for SASIT Customers

January 14, 2013

Auckland-based Managed Services Provider, SASIT, has signed a reseller agreement with Halcyon Software, the monitoring, scheduling and automation software specialists, to become their first business partner in New Zealand. As this leading systems management vendor’s sole national reseller, SASIT will be very active in the market with these new offerings.

SASIT has been using Halcyon products to manage its IBM Power Systems running the IBM i operating system since 2011. The company began evaluating systems management products for its own use some 24 months ago as significant business growth meant either increasing headcount or implementing much improved monitoring for its IBM Power Systems.

Staff members were previously reliant on constantly watching for alert messages on terminal sessions. They also had to perform manual checks on systems: in many cases these were repeated every two hours. The amount of work required to perform these checks was getting beyond SASIT‘s ability and reliance on alert messages was becoming increasingly challenging. This outcome was due to both the communications methods for error reporting no longer being suitable for the size of their environment and the inability to perform any filtering to reduce noise from common, but unimportant, operator messages.

After considerable evaluation, Halcyon’s management suite was selected, primarily for two reasons. First, it meets SASIT‘s immediate customer requirements; second, it has the potential to enhance monitoring sophistication and to meet more complex customer needs in the future, while minimising the requirement for manual operation. In addition, the access to technical and after sales support from Halcyon Software, and their responsiveness to questions and issues, has been impressive.

A major benefit for customers is that Halcyon’s Systems Operations Suite (SOS) provides SASIT with a single integrated view across its IBM Power Systems as well as a more efficient means of monitoring rule maintenance and increasing speed of deployment. This is critical as the number of Power Systems that the company manages has tripled in the past three years with no increase in operations staff numbers.

SASIT‘s employs two levels of Halcyon: Level 1 is the Message Management Suite (MMS), used in instances where system monitoring and message management is required; and Level 2 is the Systems Operations Suite (SOS), which has additional functionality to automate manual tasks and checking procedures normally carried out by operational staff. In addition to the Halcyon monitoring suites, SASIT also uses the s Enterprise Console, a centralised GUI, which provides a single dashboard to view and manage all alerts.

One significant offering from Halcyon is monitoring of the entire ERP environment for Lawson M3 customers to ensure improved levels of availability. By automating key routine tasks the Halcyon M3 Pack takes automatic action to fix issues and sends warnings of impending business problems. SASIT will be introducing Lawson M3 customers to this new enhancement to their systems. One of Halcyon’s Australian resellers is Team Computing which is also a business partner of SASIT. Together, ‘Team- SASIT‘can offer trans-Tasman customers all the benefits of the Halcyon alliance.

SASIT CEO, Phil Martin, is delighted with the new partnership: “Our Company knows how much IBM Power Systems users will benefit from Halcyon’s solutions and these will become a part of our standard operating environment. They will be applied when new customers opt to have their infrastructure managed by us, either on their own premises or in one of our data centres. Where we take over existing systems with less sophisticated monitoring systems, they will be migrated to Halcyon SOS over time.”