HelpSystems Releases Security Scan - AIX

HelpSystems Introduces Free Security Assessment for AIX

October 3, 2017

Security Scan gives organizations an overview of system security based on industry-recognized CIS Benchmarks

Minneapolis, MN, October 03, 2017—HelpSystems today announced the release of Security Scan, a free tool for finding and prioritizing cybersecurity vulnerabilities on AIX servers.

Security Scan combines HelpSystems’ broad expertise with Power Systems security with benchmarks developed by the Center for Internet Security (CIS) to objectively evaluate the security configuration of AIX servers. A scan shows how a server’s settings compare to CIS Benchmarks. HelpSystems’ security advisors interpret the results and provide guidance on prioritizing security vulnerabilities.

Security Scan runs in just minutes and is a no-obligation way to identify dangerous configuration problems that put data at risk. This makes it easy for organizations to correct security vulnerabilities before a data breach occurs.

“Attackers are increasingly taking advantage of misconfigured systems to access sensitive data. But, many organizations don’t realize their servers are vulnerable until after a breach occurs,” said Bob Erdman, Security Product Manager, HelpSystems. “Security Scan provides insight that makes it easier to harden system security and avoid a breach.”

“Because cybersecurity has become such a critical business issue, more organizations are looking to proactively identify vulnerabilities,” said Chris Heim, CEO, HelpSystems. “Security Scan does that by leveraging HelpSystems’ expertise in IT security.”

Organizations interested in taking a deeper dive into their AIX security configuration can also engage the HelpSystems Security Services team for a comprehensive Risk Assessment.

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