Energy Solutions Consulting Firm Adds Real-Time Reactivity to Operations with Skybot Scheduler

December 11, 2012

Energy Solutions, an energy efficiency consulting firm based in Oakland, CA, has eliminated custom scripting and inefficient time-based job schedules from its operations with Skybot Scheduler, the web-based enterprise job scheduler from Skybot Software.

Once Energy Solutions decided to purchase an enterprise job scheduler, Skybot Scheduler was the natural choice. “We did a competitive search of three or four vendors, and Skybot Software came in right at the sweet spot. It fit the price point and the price sensitivity of small to medium firms,” said Peter Borocz, Senior Software Engineer in the Infrastructure and Operations team.

Energy Solutions uses Skybot Scheduler to process transactions in real-time, launching jobs as soon as new files arrive and sending email notification when they complete. “Project managers used to call the Help Desk asking about the status of client files,” said Borocz. “Now that doesn’t happen.”

The operations team at Energy Solutions also relies on Skybot Scheduler’s centralized job history, which provides job status information across their entire environment. “We used to check every execution agent to see which jobs did and did not run,” said Borocz. “The ability to centralize that in one place has been really valuable.”

Before Skybot Scheduler, Energy Solutions ran three or four independent schedulers, often with messy, complicated results. Said Borocz, “In order to set up the dependencies we needed, a lot of our jobs had a dozen sub-tasks with ugly PERL or shell scripts.”

They replaced the scripts with Skybot Scheduler’s event monitors and reactivity. “The time it takes to set jobs up has gone down rapidly because developers don’t have to write that extra code. Now we manage these jobs in a real and successful way,” said Borocz.

Skybot Software offers a 30-day trial of Skybot Scheduler. The free trial includes full product access and world-class support.



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