Core Security, a HelpSystems Company, Announces New Release of Leading Penetration Testing Software

August 14, 2019

Minneapolis, August 14, 2019–Core Security, a HelpSystems Company, announced today the release of Core Impact 19.1, the newest version of its market-leading penetration testing software. Version 19.1 focuses on testing web applications, as well as general ease of use and functionality enhancements for other focal attack areas like networks, endpoints, applications, and users. “We’re very committed to investing in these newly acquired solutions by ensuring that every release delivers not only necessary updates, but builds on providing long term value,” said Brian Wenngatz, General Manager of Cybersecurity at Core Security, a HelpSystems Company. 

“With threat actors continuing to grow more sophisticated with their strategies for breaching different IT environments, Core Impact has prioritized keeping pace with these malicious attackers. Our capabilities are consistently kept up to date, allowing for precise replications of attacks in order to provide a simulation as close to a real-world scenario as possible,” added Bob Erdman, Senior Security Product Manager at Core Security, a HelpSystems Company.

A Focus on Ease of Use

“This release further showcases our commitment to users of all skill levels, by streamlining our wizard workflows, which are an important way to simplify complex tasks,” said Erdman. “For additional efficiency, users can automate scanning and exploitation activities.”

Additional Functionality Added

We have also made Core Impact’s search capability more dynamic. ”This release provides customers with more options for vulnerability searches, allowing them to search for pages with any vulnerability such as weak credentials, sensitive information in web pages, or SQL injections,” Erdman explained. “In addition to standard library and database updates, we’ve added a new mechanism to integrate third party Python libraries, expanding testing capabilities even further.”  

About Core Impact

Core Impact is the most comprehensive penetration testing solution on the market. It enables organizations to launch specific, targeted attacks against their IT infrastructure, revealing security weaknesses and allowing you to make improvements before facing an actual threat. Users can employ the many features of Core Impact to exploit identities, deploy PowerShell attacks, and create extensive phishing campaigns. Additionally, pen testers can re-test exploited systems months after a penetration test to ensure appropriate remediation efforts are taking place and that vulnerabilities are being intelligently managed.

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